SFL Media Transfer is a family-owned business specializing in the transfer of outdated media to currently available digital formats. Our most popular transfer services include VHS to digital or DVD, 8mm film to digital or DVD, and Super 8 film to digital or DVD. We also specialize in photo, slide and negative scanning to digital. At SFL Media Transfer, we can transfer your decades-old media to the preferred digital format of your choice, including CD, DVD, USB, external hard drive, SD card or online file storage.

At SFL Media Transfer, we care about the preservation of your memories and make it a priority to invest in high-quality equipment to ensure customer satisfaction. For video tape transfers, we use specialty equipment that reduces noise and automatically enhances the overall quality of your video footage. For all of our film transfers (8mm, Super 8, 16mm), we use top-of-the-line film transferring machines to digitally capture your film footage frame-by-frame, unlike most of our competitors, who simply project your film reels onto a blank wall and capture it with a hand-held camcorder. Alternatively, our equipment captures your film footage without any flickering, leaving you with the highest quality end result. Our photo, slide and negative scanning service is one of the fastest in the nation due to our advanced Epson and Kodak scanners, with the majority of these orders being completed within 2-4 business days.

SFL Media Transfer cares about your special moments, so we ensure that your media is handled with the utmost care and never outsourced to another company or country. We process all orders locally in South Florida and do not take shipments, since we know how scary it can be to put your cherished family memories in the mail. For our valued customers, you can drop off your film, tapes or other media at our Miami office or you can request a pickup service for an additional fee.

If you’ve been wondering how to view your family’s cherished memories, contact the team at SFL Media Transfer at 1 (855) 427-8466 today to get a free, no-obligation quote!


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